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As a musician you want to have as many outlets to sell songs online as you can.  iTunes is the most well-known online music store where you can  garner prestige from selling your songs on iTunes, but do you make any money? Maybe a little, but the logic of selling your music exclusively on iTunes is completely backwards.

Let’s take a look at Joe. Joe has a band and he wants to sell songs online so he visits and gets himself a digital distribution and streaming package: How to Sell Music Online Successfully

Now Joe’s music is on all the major music market places like iTunes, Amazon Music, Pandora & Spotify! Joe is ecstatic and screams, “The world is my oyster!” Joe knows that by having his music everywhere he will finally achieve the success he always wanted and settles into his big comfy chair, grabs a bag of Doritos, turns on Netflix & waits for his adoring fans to find him.

But Joe’s sales don’t improve. So, Joe starts making calls to his musician friends and tells them about his predicament. “I don’t get it. I mean my songs are on all these sites but I’m still not making any sales!” But it seems, they too have been experiencing the same problem.  Finally Joe calls one of his closest friends, Mike who had just recently been interviewed by Ari’s Take for making a full-time income from his music.

“Mike, I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I got myself up on all of these sites, but it’s just not working for me. How are you doing it?”

Mike listens intently to Joe and then responds, “I’m not.” Joe pulls the phone closer to his ear, “I”m sorry Mike, what did you say?”

“I’m not on any of those music sites man, I just sell songs online through my website.”

Joe is laughs nervously, “You mean iTunes, right?”

“No, I mean my website. No one can find me on iTunes and my fans end up getting distracted from all those ads. It sucks man.”

Joe’s throat feels dry, he is shocked, his friend Mike is not making any sense. “So you sell music from your website?”

Mike puts Joe on speaker, grabs a beer on the fridge and goes back to his Pro-Tools Session. He is currently finishing up a new acoustic track, but the mix still needs a bit more reverb on the vocal. “Yeah man. I’m actually about to upload a new song shortly to my store and I’m excited to see how it does when I play my show tomorrow!”

“Your Store? On iTunes?”

“No man! My Music Store.” Mike laughs and takes another sip of beer. He’s now got Joe in one ear and he’s listening to his new audio track in the other. “Look man, I have to go soon I’ve got a few songs I need to upload tonight and get them into my store.”

“OK. Cool. Just real quick, so you are selling your songs from your website and people are buying them? How do you get your fans to go there?”

“What do you mean? It’s my name. I have my own music store on the home-page of my website. It’s cool because when I’m playing live I can tell the audience, “Hey guys, if you like what you hear tonight just visit my website – and you can buy my songs. I like to keep it simple man. I hate having to tell my fans to go to another third party site to buy my stuff, it’s just easier to make things about my website and like I told Ari in the article –

“Great interview by the way man!”

“Thanks bro! Well, I’m just all about building my brand. I like the fact that I can sell my stuff directly to my fans and make more than 90% on the songs I sell. That rocks because I’m trying to build my business.” Mike turns up the volume of his song and Joe can hear his voice fading. “I got to go bro, I have to get this track done tonight and upload it before my show tomorrow at 77LIVE.”

“Cool Mike. Real Quick. How do you get a store up on your site?”

“Oh, that’s easy man! They’re called TunePort. Check them out! I gotta go bro, I put way too much reverb on this thing!”

Joe took a moment to gather his thoughts, he realized that although he had done what all the rest of his music friends had suggested and put his music up everywhere, Mike had said something that he couldn’t erase from his mind. No one can find you. Instead of selling his music everywhere, Mike was selling his songs on one website: His Own. And what the heck is TunePort? 

TunePort provides independence, eliminates competition and freedom from middlemen. Declare your independence, set yourself free and sell songs online your way. sells online music stores for a one-time of $45.00 fee. Don’t be an average Joe, be a Mike and Make It Happen. Freedom, Independence, Profits,

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