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It’s never been easier to set-up shop as a beatmaker and sell beats online with Tuneport. Tuneport makes it easy for beatmakers to sell beats directly from their website tailored to their customers’ needs. 

Beat-Selling Options for Beatmakers

While mp3 is the standard audio format to sell beats online, options are necessary.  For example, some beat buyers purchase tracks as WAV or AIFF’s. After this step, buyers can easily import tracks into software programs like ProTools, Reason, etc. With this in mind, beatmakers need a variety of selling options for their Beat Store.

Some beatmakers may choose to sell beats online as an exclusive or non-exclusive license. Other producers with an active audience on YouTube or Tik-Tok may choose to sell specific beats with a royalty-free clause.  Film composers may select a broader selling range with the TV/Film License. Flexibility makes Tuneport the perfect solution to sell beats online successfully. However, if Beatmakers need to sell larger audio files there is an advanced options. With advanced options, creators may select to upload WAV, AIFF and tracked-out files. They may also choose to include videos, licensing contracts, shout-outs to customers, etc. 

Sell Beats Online with TunePort

From licensing to uploading zip files, beatmakers have free reign to sell beats on their terms and start making sales instantly.  

To get started visit Tuneport’s pricing page and choose the Standard Plan Package. This selected plan provides both amateur and professional beat-makers with specific strategies to grow their business. To get started with Tuneport and sell beats online, Tuneport offers a user-friendly customer video-tutorial page View here

Have questions about getting the Tuneport Beat Store? Tuneport Support is readily available to help customers every day of the week. Their direct email is: or call them at: (406) 214-6147.

TunePort Beat Store

Here is an example of what your Beat Store will look lke:

sell music online