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Sell Music Royalty Free & Create A Second Stream of Income Instantly!

Sell music royalty free and build a second stream of income for yourself! What is Royalty Free? Giving customers the right to use copyright material or intellectual property without the need to pay royalties or license fees for each use. That’s the wikipedia version, mine is: New stream of income that helps you target a whole new demographic of customers. Not Fans, customers. Customers find value through your music by selling their products. Fans find value through your music by experiencing it. Target both and you will increase your profit margin ten fold.

Own Your Masters & the Secret Ingredient You Need to Sell Music Royalty Free

I produced an album with my Rock Band in the early 2000’s in Boston, MA. As a singer-songwriter/founder of the band, I consulted with a lawyer friend & made sure I crossed my P’s & Q’s early.  I paid all my recording artists one dollar for exclusive rights to my songs & had them sign on the dotted line. My goal here was to make sure I owned the masters/copyright so I could pitch my songs to TV/FILM once I moved to LA.

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When I started making calls, the few folks I got through to, requested an instrumental version of my tracks. After I had changed my business formula, things turned around fast! I ended up getting 3 key music placements in one episode of  “Brooke Hogan Knows Best.” This spot led to various placements including America’s Dance 360, MTV’s Road-Rules, Secret Date & More! 

How To Sell Music Royalty Free in the Studio

We all have instrumentals to sell! When you’re finished recording in the studio cut 2 versions of your tracks: One with vocal, one without. Now you have 2 separate viable products to pitch. Here’s a fun fact: Ninety percent of the online world is made of content creators & entrepreneurs looking for music for their project. Offer your instrumental track for usage 3 times in separate YouTube videos. Attach a custom licensing agreement between you & the customer on the terms. For instance, you might agree to 3 tracks on 2 YouTube Channels. If they’d like to use your music on other channels/media, they will need to contact you and renegotiate.

How To Sell Music Royalty Free Online

When it comes to selling your music royalty free, Audio Jungle, Pond5, Premium Beat &  are great starting points. While each market place takes a percentage of your sales, you can charge between $7 to $150.00. Furthermore, by choosing to sell music royalty free you can move past the standard one dollar per song format and offer your tracks to customers who will pay more for your work.   

Are you selling your music royalty free right now? How is it working for you? We’d love to hear from you:


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