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So, you’re looking for a new music store wordpress plugin for your website? The key to find the right music store wordpress plugin comes down to what you are looking for. For example, although wordpress has an array of music players to select from, these are for customers who like to showcase their music. To market music effectively on wordpress as an artist we recommend using a music store rather than a music player. With this in mind, fans have more options! This includes buying tracks, visiting other social media networks & more. On the other end, artists can track stats and sell content with their songs to build fan engagement. Let’s take a look at 3 Music Store WordPress Plugins used to sell music online.

Sell Songs with Music Seller WordPress Store Plugin

Music Seller provides a simple user-friendly interface to sell music directly to fans. This simple music store wordpress plugin allows you to sell mp3 files / FLAC / WAV audio via PayPal in a stylish one click checkout with audio previews for each file. The Music Seller offers two versions. With the free version, users are limited to a 3 song upload and “add to cart” is the only option. With the Full Version that costs $20 artists can upload more than 3 tracks, set their tracks to preview length (Example: 30 seconds) and customize the color scheme of the store to match their website. The Music Seller store works with Internet, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera & Chrome. Mobile devices include iPhone & Android. For old browser users, Flash and Silverlight will work.

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Sell with Music Seller - Music Store WordPress Plugin


Sell Tracks with TunePort Music Store

For musicians and producers, TunePort provides a one-stop-shop music experience for fans and artists alike. With the TunePort Music Store WordPress Plugin artists can upload unlimited tracks, customize the color scheme of their store, add audio water-marks to protect artists’ content, share on social media with social network buttons on the bottom of the store and much more. Unlike Music Seller, the TunePort Audio Store requires the artist to copy and paste a simple embed code into their store to start using the platform. Furthermore, with TunePort artists can sell albums and upload zip files including larger audio like WAV, AIFF, ACC, OGG, etc. Music Videos and personal thank-you notes to fans are just a few examples of what artists can upload to their zip files to create more fan engagement.

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Sell Music with Music Store WordPress Plugin

The Music Store has a variety of options to help artists sell their songs. A few of these options include selling with PayPal, uploading high res audio formats including OGA, WAV, MP3, etc. Secondly, the music store wordpress plugin carries multiple lay outs for the look of the store. Furthermore it helps artists build their fanbase with integrated social media sharing. In regards to browsing activity, music store is supported on most web browsers and unlike TunePort and Music Seller, provides the option to track sales stats with integrated Sales Force Technology. In addition Music Store allows integration with Web Hooks for using services like IFTT, Zapier, Microsoft Flow, etc.

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Music Store WordPress Plugin

Which Music Store WordPress Plugin Should I Use?

Now that we’ve taken a look at three music store wordpress plugins, which one is the best? Each store has its own merits, so finding “the best” is not the goal here, it’s finding the music store wordpress plugin that works for you.

Music Seller is a very simple and user-friendly plugin, however it limits users to 3 audio tracks with an upgrade to $20. We recommend music seller for artists who are just starting out. If you are learning the ropes on how to sell your music, but would still prefer to showcase songs on your site, go with the small player & get familiar with things. If anything, using this plugin will get your more accustomed to working with wordpress and installing plugins. Music Store is the next step up from music seller. With this particular plugin, artists can upload unlimited tracks and guage their music sales with Sales Force. However, the music store lacks voice-tags and zip files which create super fan engagement for artists. On that note, our number one choice to help you sell music on wordpress is TunePort.

TunePort is a store built for musicians and producers, unlike the music seller and music store, TunePort caters to both beat and song creators. With multiple selling options and customized zip folder TunePort is the serious artist’s choice. Unlike Music Seller, it retails for a minimum of $49.95, but once artists buy the store, they own it forever. Secondly, TunePort is less of a plugin and more of a brand. In other words, they seem to genuinely want to help artists succeed with their music career. Proof of this is the customer support phone number they list on their website along with a partnership with New Artist Model.

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